Annual membership dues:





NOTE: Dayton Warm Breezes’ annual dues are being waived for members renewing and new members joining during the calendar year 2018.

A couple is defined as two people living in the same household with or without children and without regard to their marital status or gender.


Event dues:

Event dues are at the discretion of the host. House and hot tub parties generally will not require an event fee. When the club joins another club for their event, the host club sets the fees. In a situation where an event fee needs to be charged, members of TNS and AANR will be given a 20% discount.

Any non-member may attend up to two events. On the third visit non-members will be asked to complete a membership application form and pay the annual dues. This is in fairness to everyone involved while allowing members to bring non-member visitors. It also allows prospective members to "get their feet wet" to see what we're all about without committing to a membership.