Dayton Warm Breezes is open to all individuals, regardless of race, creed, age, physical or mental handicap, religion, marital status, gender, or sexual preferences.

Singles, couples, and families are welcome!

We do not intend to limit our membership for the purposes of balancing male/female ratio or young/old ratio.

There are two types of people who will not find welcome within DWB:

The first is the person or couple who is looking for an "alternate life style" or swinging environment. We do not engage in any sexual activity. We’re not swingers. We practice family friendly naturism in accordance with AANR guidelines. Exhibiting overt sexual behavior will not be tolerated.

The second is a ‘gawker’, individuals (usually a male) who are only there to stare at nude people. Naturists are comfortable socializing with others while nude, we don't stare at our feet, or awkwardly look away whenever we approach another person, but at the same time we aren't there to be ogled. Staring or extended focus on breasts or genital areas is inappropriate. As in any social situation, you should be eye to eye when speaking.

Both of these behaviors are contradictory to the naturist principles and proper nudist etiquette.

Any non-member may attend up to two events. On the third visit non-members will be asked to complete a membership application form and pay the annual dues. This is in fairness to everyone involved while allowing members to bring non-member visitors. It also allows prospective members to "get their feet wet" to see what we're all about without committing to a membership.

A benefit of club membership is access to the club’s secret Facebook Group. Being secret, no one from the Facebook public can see who the members are, see the posts or even find it.

Please take time to review the Code of Conduct page in the Policy Manual for other general guidelines.

Membership Application