General Philosophy of Nudism

It is our belief that social naturism is open to individuals, couples and families who wish to lead a lifestyle in which we can experience nature and connect with our fellow human beings in our natural state.

Nudity is a state of being, no more no less. It is a condition of our bodies in the same way as being hungry, or tired, or being dressed. Nudity in and of itself has no intent. It is not immoral, suggestive, offensive or lewd. Each of us has a body which is pretty much the same as any other. Existing in an always clothed state only serves to create barriers between ourselves and the world around us.

When we shed our clothing, we let go of the personas and pretense that we carry with us in the clothed world. Nude, we are reduced to the bare essence of what we are, and human being pretty much the same as any other.

Without the facade of our clothing, other's perception of us must be based on our personality, spirit, and the way we interact with one another. Being nude socially requires one to open themselves to others in ways that the clothed world cannot. It takes courage, confidence, and trust to stand before another and have nothing to hide behind, to say "This is me as I am." To have these feelings validated by acceptance from another who has opened themselves to you in return allows us to connect in more meaningful ways.

Since we are able encounter each other as we truly are rather then as the perception we forward by our choice of clothing, we come to value others as a complete person, rather than an image, label, or stereotype. When nude we are all equals.

As naturists we strive to be non-judgmental of other's appearance. Through our encounters we learn while there are as many variations as there are people, all bodies are essentially the same, and that it is not what a person looks like, but who they are that is really interesting. Although making judgments is a natural process of our everyday lives, we put aside judgments in order to know the person.

As naturists we are accepting of each other. We all know the courage it takes to remove the protection of our clothing go nude in the presence of others. Respect for that courage combined with the open trust shared through nudity builds an almost instant camaraderie between naturists.

In the naturist mindset, our practice of social nudity is completely unrelated to our sexuality. Whereas nudity is a state, sex is an action or a behavior. While it is true people are usually nude for sex, that doesn't mean that nudity always has to be sexual. We are also nude to bathe but that does not make bathing a sexual act. One can sleep, swim, exercise, eat, read, have a conversation, or do anything that people normally do, while nude. The condition of nudity does not make any of these activities sexual.

With this acceptance and lack of judgment we learn to accept our bodies as they are, because no one body is perfect but it is our body and a part of who we are.

Body Acceptance and Esteem

We think that social nudity is an enjoyable way to experience the nature and the people around us. Whether it's the feel of sunlight, water, and wind on your bare skin, conversation with like minded people, or the acceptance you give to and receive from those around you. Naturism is a great way to relax and let go of all the stresses of our regular clothed existence.

We know that social naturism is not about sexuality at all. It's not about exhibitionism or titillation. Rather, it's about getting together with others who want to relax and hang out clothes free.

Our Philosophy

Dayton Warm Breezes is open to all individuals, regardless of race, creed, age, physical or mental handicap, religion, marital status, gender, or sexual preferences.

We do not intend to limit our membership for the purposes of balancing male/female ratio or young/old ratio.

There are two types of people who will not find welcome within DWB:

The first is the person or couple who is looking for an "alternate life style" or swinging environment. We do not engage in any sexual activity. We’re not swingers. We practice family friendly naturism in accordance with AANR guidelines. Exhibiting overt sexual behavior will not be tolerated.

The second is a ‘gawker’, individuals (usually a male) who are only there to stare at nude people. Naturists are comfortable socializing with others while nude, we don't stare at our feet, or awkward look away whenever we approach another person, but at the same time we aren't there to be ogled. Staring or extended focus on breasts or genital areas is inappropriate. As in any social situation, you should be eye to eye when speaking.

Both of these behaviors are contradictory to the naturist principles and proper nudist etiquette.

Please take time to review our code of conduct section in the policy manual, section 6, for other general guidelines.