Privacy Policy


Your privacy rights are our privacy policy. As of the formation of the club on October 1, 2014, the following privacy standards are in effect.

1. You have a right to keep your email address private from others in the club. In email to the general membership, your address will not normally be visible to others since all addresses will be blind copied. With your permission, your address will be released to others for a special reason such as when you are hosting an event. In addition, your email address will never be viewable by the public.

2. a) You have the right to keep your name, telephone number, postal address and email address private from those outside the club. Many documents are printed with that information for administrative purposes. Whenever such a document is discarded, it will be shredded.
b) In addition, your telephone number and postal address will not be released to other members in the club unless that is necessary, such as when you are hosting an event.

3. The club’s web site is publically viewable. Member’s full names will not be published on the web site unless you have indicated that that is allowed on your membership application where it asks “OK to release your name publically”.

4. You have a right to keep your membership in a naturist organization private. No one in the club is to release another’s name outside of the club without that member’s expressed permission.

5. No one is allowed take another member’s picture without that member’s expressed permission.